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As the technology centered medical device manufacturer, Finesse Co. is focused on the R & D of new technologies and is adopting outstanding quality management systemic, FOR 20 YEARS.
WE, Finesse Co. strive to produce innovative and creative products in the areas of medical, aesthetic and healthcare to improve level of the health and quality of life.

Our Product

Top Quality Vaginal Rejuvenation RF Finesse Machine

The heat-tightening instrument is an innovative blend of healthcare and medical beauty features that uses the latest, highest-end, 360-degree stereo radiofrequency to fully and uniformly heat the tissues around the vagina, directly transfer heat energy to the SMAS layer and stimulate collagen production, so that the vagina getting shrinking, compact and shaping effect. Convenient and efficient!

The instrument has 2 therapeutic probes, the inner treatment probe: noninvasive vaginal tightening, vaginal moisture smooth, restore the elasticity;

Vulva treatment probe: to improve the appearance of privacy, tighten the labia, pigmentation corrector, restore private part.

Private thermal tightening instrument to narrow the vagina painless, no wound, no recovery, no bleeding, no need for multiple treatments across the shrinking Shaping equipment.

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